The Gift of Not Knowing

Published: April 13, 2020
Author: ConsciousCafe

We had a small yet international participation at our Zoom conversation on Monday 6th April to share in this particular time and circumstances our strategies for a daily way of being and our personal insights; to explore what are we learning about ourselves, and what are our hopes for a new, different future?

 The conversation revealed and everyone agreed that the community connection is a relief to offset the disconnection some of us are experiencing, being “stranded” in transit, separated from family due travel restrictions, or being in quarantine or lockdowns.

Even though some of us are used to and often enjoy living alone, spending most of the time at home

we are experiencing a collision of our many roles – worker, partner, caretaker, parent, child, friend, teacher - now all confined to one place. Normally the different aspects of our identity are localised, they have a setting such as home - commute - work place – school - gym - park- home. There is “out” no more …

We all agreed that these challenges are opportunities with interesting side effects: we are re-prioritising, seeing possibility of a new way of being. We are communicating differently, we are reconnecting, we are slowing down. We are taking care and checking in…

To the delight of some, the word “busy” and associated behaviour has been losing its grip, disappearing for most of us bar “frontline workers” hectic schedules and intense involvement.

Halfway through our meeting we got up and joined in clapping for the Singapore healthcare workers uniting throughout the island in expression of our gratitude.

And the sense of gratitude came as the first amongst the strategies we generously shared; how helpful and grounding writing a journal of gratitude can be. A gratitude for a physical, safe space, for the relationships, for the wise governance, for health, for food and nourishment, for just being.

Everyone agreed how important is to have tools and strategies to stay calm and resilient.  The inner strength comes for some from their faith, their spirituality, using the power of prayer, of intent to anchor themselves into here and now through the divine. For some, overcoming and surviving the past traumatic experiences, previous world crises is the source of their resilience.

Creating a daily routine, cleaning, detoxing and de-cluttering both your environment and your inner world, regular physical exercise are all helpful activities. Feeling useful, being of service to others offers a positive shift in personal perspective and bring different focus and energies. Checking mentally on your family members, your friends, your community and on “the others, the strangers”, holding them in loving kindness of your heart is no small feat and consolation.

Each one of us experience the fear; fear of the suffering seen around the world, that is not anymore “somewhere out there”. It is here and everywhere, a threat like an invisible glitter. It can be overwhelming to experience so much grief, heartbreak and sadness, yet there is a silver lining - the pandemic is bringing out what is best in us – rise in consciousness, love, kindness and compassion; the fuel, the motive force for the acts of great courage and heroism.

It is a transition to a new “normal” where wisdom of insight into radical INTERDEPENDENCE of ALL, the web of life interwoven between us humans and our planet is forming the foundation and focus for action. We envision the world where our planet is respected and clean from toxic pollution and relentless exploitation, where all human race is free from hunger and harm, and respected; where children are cherished and loved, growing with confidence; where women are loved, caring and nurturing, growing with self-esteem, free to speak, and where men are strong and loving, free from repression and hate, at peace with themselves and each other. We see ourselves living in the world free from fear.

With acknowledgment to Anne Jones for a Planetary Meditation from  “The Power of You. Heal and be Healed”

Stay safe, be well.

Hanna Krasnodebska

ConsciousCafe Singapore

Friends of ConsciousCafe Singapore and their first socially distant meeting.

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