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Welcome to the ConsciousCafe Wellbeing Marketplace - a selection of wellbeing businesses and practitioners personally recommended by members of the ConsciousCafe network to support your mind, body and soul. If you would like to advertise on this page, please fill out this form.


Bookings are now being taken for this 3-hour workshop. David has a background in the education sector and has worked as a professional reader, spiritual coach and healer for ten years. Workshop exercises include meditation, psychic reading, distant healing and psychometry. It will be held at Rudolph Steiner House on 24th June 2023, 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm. The fee is £30.00 and a handbook is provided. Find out all details on our website.

Bookings have opened for Dr Dina Glouberman's online Diploma course in Imagework offering a practitioner training in harnessing the power of the imagination to use imagery for healing, creativity, visioning and more. Find out details and register interest here. 

Recover your health and raise your consciousness by transforming your limiting beliefs. Change your life through positive soul vibrations. Contact me for a free 30 minute chat and check up.

Women Weaving Change is a training school for modern medicine women run by Christa Mackinnon and Vanessa Tucker. Our training school offers inspiring courses for women to discover, develop, and share their unique medicine gifts. We believe that every woman has a powerful medicine within them, and it is our gift to help women unlock and share this medicine with the world.

Ambika Wauters and Tony Mazza invite you to discover The Simplest Pleasures Retreats; which are both Virtual and In Person retreats they have designed for small groups of 12-16 people to embrace healing, ease and pleasure. They are based in Tuscon, Arizona. Ambika and Tony’s intentions for the retreats is that they be restorative, regenerative and relaxing. The focus is to nurture the spirit and revive the soul.

Snapshots of the Paranormal - 2nd edition now Available on Amazon. First published in December 2020, this second edition by David Akerman includes additional research and anecdotes . It documents David's journey and work as a clairvoyant and healer. He shares with the reader his quest to understand the quantum processes involved in spiritual practices and other paranormal phenomena. He makes the case, backed up by compelling research carried out by leading scientists, that psi (clairvoyance, telepathy, and ESP are potentially universal in all humans, other species and plants.

Business memoir Ahead of Her Time is for everyone who dreams of starting their own business. Written by ConsciousCafe founder Judy Piatkus, it is a powerful and inspiring read. It won BizBooks Entrepreneurial Journey 2022 and Soul and Spirit award for Most Empowering Book 2021.

Shola, known as the Energy Doctor helps you get your Energy back and your Life on track! A leading figure in Spirituality and Wellness, Shola has shared her award-winning Energy work internationally for over 3 decades. A psychologist, speaker and author of five books, including bestsellers Opening to Spirit and Energy 4 Life.Shola trains, certifies and Mentors Spiritual Coaches and offers individual Coaching to Energise and Empower.

Shola helps you make lifestyle changes that enhance your wellbeing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Lara Cockayne works as Gong practitioner/sound therapist & yoga teacher. She runs weekly & monthly gong baths in the New Forest area and also her home space. She is available for one2one, one2two, small groups, festival, corporate, charity events to play the gongs or as a speaker to talk about the benefits of sound therapy and how it works.

I have loved art and painting since childhood and have re-ignited the passion in the last few years! I paint wooden plaques, canvas, craft & jewellery boxes and glassware to bespoke designs as gifts. I can be contacted via my email,  kazactivist@gmail.com if you wish to place an order

Marbled Beauty creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind wearable art: silk scarves and wraps (other products coming soon). Marbling is a mono-printing technique, which means that you can only take a single print from each marbled pattern, so every scarf is genuinely unique.

Counselling sessions for stress, depression, anxiety, codependency, low self-esteem, shame, guilt and more... Addiction therapy for substances addictions, behavioural addictions and eating disorders. Mentoring for learning and study skills, time and stress management, goal and purpose setting. Online and telephone counselling, addiction therapy and mentoring sessions.

Speed reading goes beyond traditional reading. It’s quick and easy to learn whether you are a student or in business – or in personal development. Two-day speed reading courses and individual coaching. Read faster, read more, remember more – to get more knowledge, skills and wisdom.

Chris Burton helps individuals and organisations realise their core purpose by consciously engaging hearts and minds, having the courage to simplify organisational systems, and promoting collective stakeholder dialogue and action.

Keep it simple in these complex times. This delightful collection of stationery is a perfect gift both for yourself and for friends and family, helping you all to stay organised, in control and able to write and draw your own ideas.

Experienced bereavement, relationship, anxiety and depression Counsellor helping clients to acknowledge and accept their feelings and to be curious about another way to engage with the world.

Julie is a personal growth teacher, artist and author of four books about awakening and deepening into the recognition of one’s true nature. Following her own radical awakening, over thirty years ago, Julie offers readings, mentoring, intuitive development and healing sessions online, via Zoom or Skype. Find her books on Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Kobe and join Julie on her YouTube channel and on the Buddhist Biohacker channel.

Emma Loveheart is a Home Healer. She makes homes calmer, happier and healthier by removing unwanted negative energies. These energies are all around us draining our homes of their full potential and us of our energy, and sometimes causing havoc in the home. She works remotely offering free assessments via her website.

Spiritual coaching, psychic readings and master energetics for healing, transformation and manifestation. Release past life karma, soul contracts and other negative energies, so that you are free to enjoy the best in life. Join the community, attend courses inside the School of Soul Alchemy.

Self Love means taking full responsibility for your own well-being and happiness. Truth is you cannot take care of others until you take care of yourself first. Self Love helps you to value yourself more.

Claudia Roth's ‘28 Day Journey to Self Love’ is a guided journal aimed at leading you to know who you truly are. It helps you feel less stressed and anxious and to value life more. Inspirational texts as well assignments open the gate to your heart and let your "inner voice" come through uncensored. Self Love is a journey of self-discovery. Available here  mybook.to/selflovejourney

Marianne Hartley is the founder of Hartley & Soul branding and design agency.
We create irresistible brands that capture all of your senses and leave you feeling connected to your heart. We help visionary business leaders create a brand that is a true reflection of their values.

Breaking Through The Darkness is a new book by author John McConnel on how to defeat depression, anxiety and stress. It is of particular help in these difficult times. Buy it now on Amazon.

Witherdens Hall, a tranquil organic spa retreat nestled in the heart of the Kent countryside, offers holidays or longer-term stays.
With beautiful walks on the doorstep and wonderful beaches nearby, it is a perfect location only 55 mins by train from London to unwind, restore or live.

Anne Jones is a healer and author of 8 books offering Skype healing sessions to release imprints from past trauma, heal heartbreak, clear blocks, connect you to your higher self and heal past life issues that may prevent you from maximising your potential.

Tamara brings her skill and compassion developed over 40 years of training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Dreamwork, Humanistic & Integrative Therapies, Group Training, Meditation, and Inquiry to her work with individuals, couples, groups and supervisees. Online and offline, plus deep-dive, transformative retreats in glorious landscapes.

Dr. Debra Diamond is an author, spiritual teacher and psychic/medium. She is a former Wall Street Money Manager, regular CNBC commentator and Johns Hopkins University Professor who left a high profile life to pursue a life of meaning and purpose. She is the author of Life After Near Death and Diary of a Death Doula

Healthy Home Retreat near Skipton: a beautiful, natural haven for gatherings and retreats. The house sleeps 14, has breathtaking views, has been featured on TV and was the inspiration for Gina Lazenby’s best-selling book ‘The Healthy Home’. Hire for your own family gathering, celebration or event.

I am Yiota, a homeopath in Newbury and I have a clinic at home but I also see people on Skype from England and around the world. My calling in life is to help people become the best possible version of themselves free from suffering and pain. Homeopathy is a gentle, kind, yet very powerful treatment that can help people live a healthy and very fulfilling life.

Providing assessment, consultation, team development, business strategy on wellbeing and psychological safety in the workplace, starting from an awareness of personal wellbeing, strengths and energisers; how these have an impact on performance at work, as an athlete or just in everyday life.

Vicky is a Space Clearer & Feng Shui consultant working with the energies of the spirit of place, mother earth & the elementals. Offering remote or onsite consultations, she also teaches practitioner courses in Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy, Akashic Records & Feng Shui in London & is an Akashic Records consultant at the College of Psychic Studies, London.

Nicola Foster offers professional relationship therapy and coaching., helping individuals to overcome dating fears and get ready for a new relationship. She also supports couples who are struggling with intimacy issues.
Check out Nicola's website or call to book a free consultation.

Hannah Nicholls teaches courses on bushcraft and the benefits of nature connection. She is also a Nature Connected Life Coach, combining the healing powers of nature and coaching to assist her clients on their healing journey.

Wendy Jane Erlick is an intuitive coach, energy healer, writer and Angel channeller. During the Covid-19 pandemic she is running a series of donation based seminars via Zoom. Follow Kindred Spirit on Twitter to receive a daily Angel Message or follow on Instagram!

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