April 2020: Letter from Judy

Published: April 4, 2020
Author: ConsciousCafe

Dear Friends,

We would like to send you all our heartfelt love as we go through this very tumultuous period together.

Every one of us is experiencing heartbreak and sadness yet the silver lining is that there is already a huge rise in consciousness as people all over the world perform great acts of heroism, courage, love and kindness.  Already our beautiful planet is responding as the air is clear of planes, the roads are emptying of pollution and suddenly the world outside is much quieter and more peaceful. 

Hopefully we will in due course mirror that calm in our inner worlds even though perhaps not in the short term.

 As we go through the transition from the ‘normal’ of the past to the normal that we will create for the future, there will be much learning. Learning about ourselves in particular.  We are being called upon to get to know ourselves in undreamed of ways.  The journey to self-awareness is never an easy one but the more we cultivate our own understanding and intuitive intelligence, the sooner we will be able to achieve peace of mind and emotional maturity.

ConsciousCafe is now going online and we will be bringing you a wide range of events, both thoughtful and practical, which we hope will give you the opportunity to review our present situation from new perspectives. Some of these events and discussions will be for the groups you attend regularly.  Others will be for everyone on our mailing list, no matter where you live.  We are so thrilled that working in the online space means we can reach out to so many of you who we haven’t yet had the chance to meet.

Our first global event will be with energy expert Nick Haines on Tuesday 7 April and we look forward to meeting you there. You can find out more below.

With love



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