Local Groups

The art of conscious conversation is not an abstract ideal, but a practical process that can be practised and developed: moving our attention from our individual concerns and judgements and turning towards others with genuine interest and appreciation.

Active listening, empathy, presence, sharing without ego, accepting others, being open and honest and leaving all agendas behind. Our local groups will introduce you to like-minded people who you can discuss ideas with across a wide variety of subjects. They are run by experienced leaders to create a safe, calm space.

Our groups offer:

  • A safe space to explore conscious themes and ideas
  • The opportunity to meet and make friends with like-minded people
  • Conscious conversation and reflection leading to individual personal growth and development
  • The opportunity to discover unexpected wisdom and guidance which expands personal consciousness
  • Time for mindfulness and reflection in a safe caring environment
  • The chance to raise personal and global consciousness by contributing from the heart

Interested in setting up a local group where you live?


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