Local Group: Skipton


Our discussion group in Skipton is led by Gina Lazenby.

Visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with meetings, or contact Gina directly at ginalazenby@me.com

Meetings are currently held at:
Avalon Centre for Wellbeing, Broughton Hall Estate, Skipton BD23 3AE


Tuesday 19th November: 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Sound Healing

Fancy a lunch break with a difference? Sound Healing specialists Stuart and Debbie Harvey will be including the Healthy Home Retreat near Skipton in their Sacred Sounds tour of the UK’s north east this month.

Sacred sound and harmonious vibrations are very powerful in helping us get back into balance at all levels within our mind, body and soul. When we have the opportunity to be bathed in beautiful sounds, our body knows exactly what it needs and takes those healing vibes to bring us back into balance.

Stuart and Debbie will lead a magical session which will likely be both relaxing and energising. The use of drums, Himalayan bowls, tuning forks, percussion and crystal bowls will be an unforgettable experience. Including breathing exercises, chanting and meditation, this session will be a wonderful restoration of spiritual and physical well-being. As well as uplifting your mood, you could find yourself more focused and productive, sleeping better, more relaxed and anxiety-free.

Join us at noon at the Healthy Home Retreat for up to 80 minutes of beautiful healing vibes followed by some nourishing food.

Please book in advance via Meetup or Eventbrite as spaces are limited.


  • Compassionate Leadership
  • How to Re-Wire your Brain
  • How to Increase your Spiritual Intelligence
  • A Culture of Kindness
  • Your Awesome Brain & Tips on how to use its Power
  • Are you wearing a mask?
  • Feel Good About Yourself by Understanding who you are
  • Modern Relationships
  • Investing in Yourself
  • No More Boxes, Letting Go of Judgement
  • How to Maintain Real Connection in the Digital Age
  • Is it time to re-think work?
  • How do you create a Circle of Trust?
  • Are You Doing Too Much?
  • Values in the Workplace – What’s Needed Today
  • Chivalry and Flirtation in the age of Equality
  • Making a Fresh Start
  • What does it take to be happy?

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