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Our discussion group in London is led by Judy Piatkus.

To make an enquiry or come along to the group, contact Judy at:

Meetings are held at various locations, so do check each event for details.
In our current climate, our meetings have moved online for the foreseeable future.


Thursday 30th September 7:00pm - 9:00pm

The Work of Byron Katie® – An Introduction With Tamara Alferoff

Join Certified Facilitator Tamara Alferoff to explore a simple, powerful practice to calm the mind and open the heart to truth.

World events have reached into every corner of human existence in recent times, unsettling and altering our lives forever, it seems. So what can we rely on, what is true, and how can we maintain a peaceful heart and clear mind when there is such confusion and chaos everywhere we turn, with lost friends or family, cracked relationships, travel impossible, work gone pear-shaped?

Our lived experience leads us to form beliefs and thoughts about the world, about others, about life, and about our place in that. How do we react when we’re fuddled, scared, angry or disappointed? We feel separated, angry, scared, bored, confused, judgemental of others…

Join us in this short workshop as we explore directly how our beliefs and thoughts impact on every aspect of our lives, and in particular our relationships. You might be surprised, and excited, to discover something entirely different as we go through our work together.

We’ll learn the process together in the group, and do a small group exercise for you to practice a facilitation. The process you learn here today can be applied to any situation that causes you stress, whatever it might be. And your takeaway may well be more love in your heart and a lighter, more creative frame of mind.

Byron Katie logoCertified Facilitator Tamara Alferoff brings her clarity, presence and profound understanding of The Work to themes that trouble our lives. Discover the freedom and joy behind your painful thinking, and find that most precious friend, ally, and advisor right there all along - your own self. Whether you are new to The Work or experienced in The Work, Inquiry is a skill-set for a peaceful, happy life. And your takeaway may well be more love in your heart and a lighter, more creative frame of mind. For twenty years Psychotherapist Tamara has practised, taught and facilitated the Work with individuals, couples and groups throughout Europe and in the Middle East.

Tamara also hosts unique residential retreats in beautiful locations… and hopefully will be able to reopen these in a few months.


The ticket price includes a recording of the event which we will send to you in the days following the workshop.

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Saturday 9th October 9.45 AM - 12.00 PM BST

Morning Coffee And Walk In Regents Park

Regents Park GateJoin us for a friendly coffee and chat followed by a walk in lovely Regent’s Park, London.

We will be meeting at 9.45 am and look forward to welcoming old friends and to meeting new ones.

We will meet near Jubilee Gate which is opposite Regent University and just a few minutes walk from Baker Street tube. Car parking is available in the Inner Circle.

Please register using the link below and we will send you the details 48 hours before we meet. If the event has to be cancelled beforehand because the weather forecast is bad, we will offer you another date or refund your money.

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Tuesday 26th October 7:00 - 8:30 PM GMT

The Healing Power of Pleasure: Ancient Teachings for a Happier Life

Julia Hollenbury BookCoveEnjoy a transformational journey, from the messiness of discomfort, disconnection and not belonging – into your own realm of magicalness – of feeling delightfully comfortable being you, in a good relationship with other people and powerfully creative out in the world. A sensual life!

We begin with a warm poetic talk that evokes the existence of the Universe of Deliciousness, an invisible spiritual realm, known by mystics in different traditions through the centuries and around the world. It is available to all and free to access.

You will be guided through a 7 step process, through the spiritual medicines of Slow, Body, Depth, Relationship, Pleasure, Power and Potency. These medicines are based on my innate wisdom, teachings from shamanic, tantric and 4th way spiritual traditions, my own life transformation from mess to magic, and the success of many clients’ profound healing experiences.

You will explore the 7 medicines using a blend of practical dialogue, bodywork, imagery, alchemy and ritual exercises. Your inner work will be supported by the warm and deep field of energy present. You will find out that the path to personal fulfilment is not being so-called perfect for others, but being vulnerably responsive and responsible for yourself, in this living moment. You will ‘travel’ into your own Universe of Deliciousness, reconnecting with your own innate sensitivity, intuition and joy.

We conclude with time for your reflections. We consider how this path of practices can be implemented into the rhythm of your daily and weekly routines, to anchor your enjoyment of a loving, satisfying and creative life, whatever your circumstances. Together we realize that as we are more fulfilled individually, so we will bring joyful pleasure into our relationship with others, and contribute to the wellbeing of the world.

You will leave this workshop:

  • Feeling relaxed and calmed
  • With awakened body sensuality
  • A taste of these spiritual medicines
  • Understanding how to apply them in your daily life
  • And connected with your wise and resilient confidence

About Julia Hollenbery

Julia is a facilitator at Skyros, a SourceTV Evolutionary, and a speaker at MindBodySpirit, World Spirituality, WEF, Evolve and other wellbeing forums. She is also a bodyworker and therapist of 25 years. Her book, 'The Healing Power of Pleasure: Seven Medicines for Rediscovering the Innate Joy of Being' will be published by Findhorn Press in the UK on October 28 and in the US on September 14 2021.  Julia’s website is: www.universeofdeliciousness.com

The ticket price includes a recording of the event which we will send to you in the days following the workshop.

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Saturday 13th November 2:00 - 5:00 PM GMT

Conscious Walking on Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath walkJoin us for an enjoyable session of Conscious Walking across Hampstead Heath to visit Kenwood House. The walk will be led by Caroline Dale.

Hampstead Heath is a wild untamed 800 acres of natural wilderness in North London. We invite you to experience a conscious walk for the first part of our time together. We will walk across the heath, enjoying its wild beauty and will make our way to Kenwood House, a famous stately home with spectacular grounds, for refreshments. Many famous films have had scenes filmed at Kenwood including Notting Hill and Belle. We will return to our starting point via a different route.

We will meet in Hampstead at 2pm. We will walk to Kenwood which will take about an hour. We will stop for tea and there will be time for a quick visit to the house (if it is open) for anyone who wants to. We will then make our way back to Hampstead tube station (Northern line) via a different route. The terrain is uneven and hilly in parts. You will need strong trainers or walking shoes and a bottle of water.

In the event of heavy rainfall anyone who wants to can meet at Hampstead tube at 2.30pm and we will enjoy coffee and a discussion in one of Hampstead’s many attractive cafes.

We are asking you for a small donation for this event to cover our ConsciousCafe admin costs and because we are limiting numbers to 20. In the event we are unable to meet because of bad weather, we can still meet up in a café. If for any reason we have to cancel the event we will offer you another date or refund your money.

48 hours before the event, we will email everyone who has registered with further details.

What previous participants said about our last walk:

"Thank you for organising such a wonderful day. It was lovely to meet everyone." JH

"What a great day, yesterday. In just a few hours we experienced a number of good events with great scenery and perfect weather for a walk in the fields!" DG

"It was a pleasure meeting you all and look forward to joining the group in the next event." MH

*Please note that your participation in the walk is at your own risk.  No responsibility or liability for loss or injury will be accepted by ConsciousCafe.  If you have any pre-medical conditions or injuries that may affect your walking, please let us know before the start of the walk.  


  • Astrology, the Nodes, Education Cycles and Karma
  • Cycles of Time: Seeing Beyond Our Current Experience
  • How to Enhance your Spiritual Intelligence
  • Harnessing the Power of the Seasons
  • An evening with Judith Seelig, the SEER
  • How to Get Your Book Published: everything you need to know
  • An Evening with Christa Mackinnon: the power of altered states of consciousness
  • How to Listen Better
  • Create Your Future Story
  • An Evening with Dina Glouberman
  • Self-Care in Stressful Times
  • Understanding Homelessness in an Age of Plenty
  • Sex, Love & Laughter
  • Overcoming Overload in an Age of Anxiety
  • What does it mean to belong?
  • Are we United?
  • Living and Working with Uncertainty
  • Be the Change You want to See in the World
  • What is Truth?

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