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Our discussion group in London is led by Judy Piatkus.

To make an enquiry or come along to the group, contact Judy at:

Meetings are held at various locations, so do check each event for details.
In our current climate, our meetings have moved online for the foreseeable future.


Sunday 11th April 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM BST

Animal Astrology and Psychic Pets With Jessica Adams

Join us for a unique ConsciousCafe event with astrologer and psychic Jessica Adams for lovers of astrology and pets.

Join Jessica Adams and some very special guests in this fun online event which will enable you to meet people’s pets all around the world and discover all kinds of delicious secrets about your pet that you never knew before.

Animals have sun signs too. You are invited to photograph your friend’s paws for a complimentary psychic Pawmistry reading. Find out how to decode your animals’ paws and about animal healing. Even, discover the best dates in 2021 to adopt from a shelter. We will finish with a special New Moon meditation for you and your cat, dog, budgie, rabbit or other creature.

Instructions – please read carefully

You are invited to email a photograph of your pet’s paws to Jessica’s colleague Alicia: alicia@thekeipr.com. Jessica will choose a selection of photographs to feature during the event and she will give several ‘live paw readings’.

If a reading for your pet’s paws is not included in the live session, Jessica will do her best to include it in a reading for you on her website in the days after the event www.jessicaadams.com

If you don’t know your pet’s date of birth, use the adoption date.

Please bring your cat, dog or other companion animal into this exclusive Zoom session with astrologer and psychic Jessica Adams and let our pets meet each other around the world.

About Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams’ Animal Astrology has appeared on Good Morning (ITV) in Vogue Japan, in the children’s book Funny Bones (Allen and Unwin) and A Friend Like Alfie (HarperCollins). In 2021 she is working on a new book about the pet zodiac with the author of the Alfie series, Sunday Times bestselling writer Rachel Wells. Her website is www.jessicaadams.com

Every ticket price will include a recording to be sent to you after the event.

Ticket prices:

  • Earlybird  £7 plus commission
  • Standard  £10 plus commission
  • On the door £12 plus commission

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Wednesday 21st April 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM BST

Ahead of Her Time - Judy Piatkus In Conversation with Gina Lazenby

What does it take to become a successful female entrepreneur – and book publisher?

Join one of the UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs and thinkers to explore her thoughts on entrepreneurship, publishing, working parents and the personal growth movement.

The name of publishing company Piatkus Books is synonymous with new thinking about alternative ideas. In this unique event, self-made entrepreneur, Judy Piatkus will share insights and reflect upon how she founded her company in the spare bedroom of her home at a time when there were very few women in business, how she grew it to be a global success, how and why Piatkus came to be known as pioneers in the personal growth movement and how she sold the company successfully to Little Brown before the great crash of 2007/8 which Piatkus had shrewdly foreseen.

There will be a Q&A afterwards.

About Judy Piatkus

Judy PiatkusJudy Piatkus is a self-made entrepreneur, leadership coach and author. Her company Piatkus Books became known as a pioneer in the personal growth area and was also known for publishing popular fiction including authors Nora Roberts, J D Robb and Julia Quinn (Bridgerton) amongst other bestselling names. Judy sold the company successfully in 2007. A few years later she founded ConsciousCafe.

Judy’s memoir Ahead of Her Time: How a One-Woman Startup became a Global Publishing Brand is published on 13 April by Watkins and can be ordered from Amazon, Waterstones or your local bookshop.

About Gina Lazenby

Gina LazenbyGina Lazenby is a best selling author and award-winning business consultant. She was a pioneer in the human potential movement in the 1990s and was instrumental in bringing feng shui education and awareness to the UK. She writes and broadcasts about healthy living and runs the Healthy Home Retreat which she founded in Yorkshire.

She’s also a Conscious Café host for Skipton and Yorkshire and works with Judy Piatkus hosting global events. Gina has long been a champion for women in business, she is passionate about feminine leadership and has hosted many events around the world for women entrepreneurs.

The ticket price will include a recording which will be sent to you after the event.

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Thursday 1st June 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM BST

Life Metaphor: Where Am I In My Life And What Is My Next Step - With Dr Gina Glouberman

Join us for a workshop with Dr Dina Glouberman, renowned for her work with imagery, and learn how to benefit from this powerful technique.

When you’ve been spun around or shaken up for a while, it can be hard to get your bearings, but it may also be a good opportunity to rethink where you are going. This is what this extraordinary year has done for so many of us.

If you are asking yourself where you are right now or where you are going, this question is not so difficult to answer if you are willing to go beneath the surface to find out “what you know but haven’t told yourself”.

The easiest way to do this is by getting an image that is a metaphor for “who you are or what you need to know at this moment in your life”, and then exploring it, understanding what is really going on, and discovering what your best next step can be.

This is what this experiential Imagework course can help you to do, first for yourself, and then for clients, colleagues or friends. The image may be astounding, or funny, or indeed, very serious, but it is always enlightening. Often its source is in the past and needs to be transformed in the light of the present moment. Once you have done this, you will find yourself naturally set on a course that expresses who you are today.

This is a wonderful all-purpose imagery exercise because you can also use it in future to get a map of a specific problem--at work, at home, or in relationships. You’ll find yourself using it, as I do, as a go-to exercise whenever you need a bit of help to understand what’s happening below the surface, and how one can move beyond it.

Do take the opportunity to work with Dr Dina Glouberman, world renowned for her work with imagery, and to benefit from this timely and powerful course.

The 3 Takeaways You Will Get From This Event

  1. A golden opportunity to find out where you are and what your next step can be.
  2. A chance to update out of date images or templates that are guiding you in the wrong direction.
  3. An all-purpose imagery exercise you can use again and again to solve problems and to clarify and redirect your life

About Dr. Dina Glouberman

Dina Glouberman

Dina Glouberman, Ph.d, is a psychotherapist, writer, international trainer, and world expert in imagery based therapies. She is Co-founder/Director since 1979 of Skyros Holistic Holidays, which has pioneered community-oriented holistic health holidays worldwide.

More recently, she has founded and directs the Aurora Centre in Southern Italy, to train therapists, counselors, and consultants in her Imagework approach. She is a course leader on the Faculty of the MA(Clinical) in Psychotherapy of the Tivoli Institute in Dublin, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Humanistic Psychology (Britain).

Dr. Glouberman is the author of the classic and inspiring books Life Choices, Life Changes, The Joy of Burnout, You Are What You Imagine, and Into the Woods and Out Again. Her forthcoming book, The Imagework Handbook, is a training book in Imagework for practitioners.

Website | www.dinaglouberman.com  and www.skyros.com

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  • Astrology, the Nodes, Education Cycles and Karma
  • Cycles of Time: Seeing Beyond Our Current Experience
  • How to Enhance your Spiritual Intelligence
  • Harnessing the Power of the Seasons
  • An evening with Judith Seelig, the SEER
  • How to Get Your Book Published: everything you need to know
  • An Evening with Christa Mackinnon: the power of altered states of consciousness
  • How to Listen Better
  • Create Your Future Story
  • An Evening with Dina Glouberman
  • Self-Care in Stressful Times
  • Understanding Homelessness in an Age of Plenty
  • Sex, Love & Laughter
  • Overcoming Overload in an Age of Anxiety
  • What does it mean to belong?
  • Are we United?
  • Living and Working with Uncertainty
  • Be the Change You want to See in the World
  • What is Truth?

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