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Our discussion group in London is led by Judy Piatkus.

To make an enquiry or come along to the group, contact Judy at:

Meetings are held at various locations, so do check each event for details.


Thursday 28th September


An Online event with Diana Cooper

We are living during an unprecedented time of change for the planet. So what is going to happen and how are we going to reach the golden future which we are all hoping for?

When we move into the new Golden Age what it will it be like? In this event international speaker, author and mystical teacher Diana Cooper will explore the family life of the future, the changing structure of communities and the houses we will live in. The new education for the children incarnating now will be very different as will the way we travel and the way we live.

Diana is often asked what jobs and businesses will be successful in the new paradigm? What will future leadership, economics and shopping be like? What spiritual and psychic gifts will we have? What will the new spiritual technology offer? How will animals be affected?

She will share the steps not just to 2032 but also to 2050 when very single thing will be on a much higher frequency beyond imagination and the world will have dramatically changed.

This event will be recorded and everyone who has registered for the event will receive a copy of the recording.

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Tuesday 3rd October

Monthly Drop-in

Join our monthly ConsciousCafe Drop-in to share ideas and connect with like-minded people.

ConsciousCafe invites you to our latest batch of regular 2023 Monthly Online Drop-In sessions.

We offer these sessions in small batches of three at a time to give you the opportunity to meet conscious thoughtful friends for relaxing conversations in a safe space. The facilitator is Judy Piatkus. Together we enjoy light-hearted, deep discussions where we share ideas and thoughts and learn from each other’s wisdom.

The ticket price of £7 covers our admin costs and the eventbrite fee and allows you to join all three Drop-ins in this batch (includes three sessions). We have slightly increased our price going forward because of increased Eventbrite fees but you only have to pay once. We will send Zoom details the day before to all who have registered for the Drop-In.

The dates for the next three sessions are:

Tuesday 3rd October
Tuesday 7th November
The time is 6 – 7 pm GMT.

Please note that this set of three Drop-ins will be on a Tuesday evening (and not a Monday as before).

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Tuesday 31st October

ConsciousCafe London Dinner

One of the things people like best about ConsciousCafe is the opportunity to meet like-minded thoughtful people. We have seen so many beautiful friendships come into being at our events and discussions. There is always a special bond between people you have a deep conversation with.

We are organising another of our friendly dinners for you to connect with new and old friends in a relaxed restaurant in Central London where you will have the opportunity to talk over food and drink. We anticipate the cost of the meal will be around £25 and there will be something on the menu for everyone. You will receive your own bill at the end of the meal.

After a huge gap of three years due to covid, we organised our first London dinner in August 2023.  The response was very heartening and everyone who came enjoyed meeting new people as well as catching up with old friends with whom they could talk about spirituality and consciousness and many other topics as well.

If you would like to come to our October dinner please send us a non-refundable deposit of £5 per person to book your place.  This deposit is a contribution to our admin costs for the event.

Places are limited so please book as soon as soon as you can so that we can reserve your seat at the table. We will let you know the location of the restaurant nearer the time. It will be convenient for tube and mainline stations.  We may choose a different venue from last time.

We look forward to a fun evening and to meeting you all. If you want to bring a conscious friend of course that’s fine but this is a spiritual networking event so it is about connecting with other people and not just talking to the person you have come with. If you do make a booking for two tickets please let us know the name and contact details of your friend.

Here are some testimonials from our August dinner:

‘Conversation was brilliant and food was tasty’ :  NT

‘As with all your events there were such interesting people to meet’  SG

‘I enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing stimulating and varied conversations’. SF

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Tuesday 28th November

Psychic Dreams: Can your dreams predict the future?

If you have experienced déjà rêvè you are not alone. Research shows at least one in four of us have had a precognitive dream - meaning some element or a mindset of your waking future was accurately previewed in a dream. In this unique and intriguing interactive event, Theresa Cheung, one of the world's leading dream experts, suggests that not a rare few but all your dreams have precognitive elements.

Drawing on her decades of research and writing and her ongoing collaboration with neuroscientists and psychiatrists, Theresa will share the latest research and science into dreams and dream decoding with a special focus on precognitive dreaming, illustrated with real ahead of time dream experiences. She will share steps you can use to clearly understand the meaning of your dreams and identify precognitive elements as well simple self- help tools and techniques that can help you use your dreams to heal your life, ignite your psychic abilities and create both a present and a future you will love. You will also learn how to dream on behalf of others - become a dream oracle. Once you start working with your dreams in this revolutionary future forward way you will understand that your dreams have always been feeling and pulling you towards your future. You just haven't noticed that they were.

Who is this event for?

Everyone - because everyone dreams but it will particularly appeal to those who want a fresh new approach to their dreamwork that they may not have considered before. Theresa truly hopes by the end of the event you will never think about your dreams in the same way again.

What will people learn?

- The science of dreaming

- Basic dream recall tools and techniques

- How to identify when a dream is precognitive

- How to work with precognitive dreams to heal and transform your life

- How to become your own dream oracle

- How to dream on behalf of others to help them see their own light.

- Other psychic dreams - telepathic and afterlife dreams

How will this event work?

The first half of the event will be a talk which will be followed by exercises and a meditation and the opportunity for Questions and Answers. Throughout the event Theresa will be using short video clips, music and images which you will have a chance to reflect on ahead of time and to work with during the event.

A recording of the event will be sent to everyone who registers.
About Theresa Cheung

Theresa Cheung is one of the world's leading dream experts and the regular dream decoder on ITV: This Morning.

Since graduating with a degree in Theology from Kings College Cambridge she has written numerous bestselling international titles and two Sunday Times Top 10 titles about the power of dreams and spirit.

She works closely with scientists and neuroscientists researching the science of consciousness and is the media go to for dreams and matters mystical. Her Dream Dictionary A to Z (Harper Collins) is regarded as a classic on its field and her Dream Decoder card pack (Hachette) is stocked in the Freud museum.

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