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Our discussion group in London is led by Judy Piatkus.

To make an enquiry or come along to the group, contact Judy at:

Meetings are held at various locations, so do check each event for details.


Monday 3rd April 6:00 - 7:00 PM GMT

Monthly Drop-in

ConsciousCafe invites you to our regular 2023 Monthly online Drop-In sessions.

We offer these sessions in small batches to give you the opportunity to meet for relaxing conversations with likeminded, conscious friends in a safe space. Together we enjoy light-hearted and thoughtful discussions where we share ideas and learn from each other’s wisdom.

The ticket price of £5 plus Eventbrite fee covers our admin costs and allows you to join all three sessions. We will send Zoom details shortly before each Drop-in to all who have registered for the event.

Here is a testimonial which we much appreciated from one of 2022’s Drop-in participants:

‘Joining ConsciousCafe has been for me a space and time to share but also to hear many words of wisdom and (the Drop-in experience) has been a great help and kindness to me’.

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Monday 24th April 7:00 - 8:30 PM BST

Climate Change. A Spiritual Perspective with Mark Ballabon

Climate Change with Mark BallabonEverything we do to ourselves and each other, we do to the planet. Join Mark Ballabon to explore a spiritual perspective on climate change.

Climate change is often cited as the single most important issue facing humanity. These words open one of Mark’s first published essays on climate change ,which featured his unique spiritual perspective.

In his international talks, workshops and online events over many years, Mark’s practises focus on the strengthening of a person’s mind, body, spirit connection. He demonstrates how this is where climate change begins, creating the most natural, energetic flow in a person and enhancing every decision we make. This high level of self-leadership carries the greatest power to effect the climate on this planet through the daily choices we each take.

The interactive event with ConsciousCafe will feature some of the core practises which Mark has been developing over years.

Through exercises and live conversation, we will engage with:

* An original wellbeing meditation for peace of mind

* Strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection

* Rewilding yourself each day. A conversation to share effective practises

* Forest bathing. How to refresh your connections to the planet.

Please note that a recording of the event is included in the ticket price and will be sent to everyone who registers. Once you've registered, a Zoom link for the event will be sent to you the day before.

About Mark Ballabon

Mark Ballabon head shotMark is a philosopher, author and environmentalist who has been teaching across Europe and North America, and writing about personal and spiritual development for over two decades. He graduated with honours at the University of Greenwich and went on to win two Queen’s Awards for Export.

He is the author of many published articles and books such as the acclaimed: ’Courting the Future: Preparing for a Different World’; a collection of essays exploring the future in a visionary and practical way.

In recent years Mark has been developing a spiritual coming-of-age trilogy for adults and young adults. The first book, ‘Home: My life in the Universe’ was launched through Waterstones on Earth Day 2022 to critical acclaim. This success led to invitations to tour the UK and Europe meeting diverse organisations, eco clubs, universities and schools. He is currently on tour in Spain doing a new range of workshops based on themes in ‘Home’ such as, ‘Transforming Conflict’, ‘True Self-Discovery’ and ‘Creative Writing’.

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Monday 15th May 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Dream Decoding Masterclass - Online Event with Theresa Cheung

Theresa Cheung Dream DecoderJoin dream expert Theresa Cheung to learn how to decode your dreams for your personal and spiritual growth.

Every culture throughout time has tried to unlock the secrets of the unconscious through dream interpretation. In recent years, partly due to the lockdown dream phenomenon, there has been a huge resurgence of interest in the meaning and transformative potential of dreams.

So, bring your weird and wonderful dreams and questions about them to this ultimate dream decoding masterclass where you’ll learn:

1. The Science of Dreaming – what are dreams? Why do you dream? How to interpret and work with your dreams - your dream decoding toolkit – how dream decoding can heal your life. On the spot dream analysis.

2. Lucid Dreaming - the science of lucid dreaming – the power and potential of lucid dreaming – how to wake up in a dream – how to take control of your dream – reality checks – how lucid dreaming can transform your life – your lucid dreaming toolkit.

A recording of the event will be sent to everyone who registers.

About Theresa Cheung

Theresa Cheung is one of the worlds leading dream experts and the regular dream decoder on ITV: This Morning.

Since graduating with a degree in Theology from Kings College Cambridge she has written numerous bestselling international titles and two Sunday Times Top 10 titles about the power of dreams and spirit.

She works closely with scientists and neuroscientists researching the science of consciousness and is the media go to for dreams and matters mystical. Her Dream Dictionary A to Z (Harper Collins) is regarded as a classic on its field and her Dream Decoder card pack (Hachette) is stocked in the Freud museum.

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Sunday 18th June 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM BST

Your Six Month Astrology And Tarot Forecast With Jessica Adams

Astrology signs of the zodiacWhat does the future hold for you from July to December 2023? Join Jessica Adams to get your six month astrology forecast.

July, August, September, October, November and December 2023 bring a brand new cycle. The South Node in Libra and North Node in Aries are here for the first time since 2005. What is in store for your Sun Sign? How about your birth chart?

The South Node in Libra shows partnership karma for yourself or another. You’ll draw a Tarot card at this session to see how that karma will play out over the cycle, beginning on July 18th 2023.

The North Node in Aries cycle, also starting on July 18th 2023, concerns your title, reputation and appearance and owes a great deal to 2005-2006. Your Tarot card will show you what you owe, spiritually from that time – or what you are owed.

Drawing a Tarot card for these two specific cycles will show you how the Libra South Node cycle plays out in your Seventh House of partnerships, duets and duels – and how the Aries North Node cycle plays out in your First House of title, reputation and appearance.

If you have Libra and/or Aries factors in your natal chart this is particularly important to you.

Jessica Adams will also take live chat questions at this event hosted by Gina Lazenby. Premium Members of jessicaadams.com can follow up with more questions afterwards about the nodes in their new signs – and the whole horoscope - on her website.

Please note that a recording of the event is included in the ticket price and will be sent to everyone who registers. Once you've registered, a Zoom link for the event will be sent to you the day before.

Global Timings for this online event:

  • London 11.00am
  • Helsinki 1.00pm
  • Sydney 8.00pm
  • Auckland 10.00pm
  • Montreal 6.00am
  • New York 6.00am

Watch Jessica Adams’ most recent ConsciousCafe event on YouTube: https://youtu.be/V7exQFchgwc

About Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams headshot 2022Jessica Adams BA is the host of the #1 UK Apple weekly Spirituality broadcast, The Astrology Show Podcast. Her book 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide was the #1 Amazon astrology bestseller list in the US. She lives in Tasmania. Visit jessicaadams.com.

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  • Astrology, the Nodes, Education Cycles and Karma
  • Cycles of Time: Seeing Beyond Our Current Experience
  • How to Enhance your Spiritual Intelligence
  • Harnessing the Power of the Seasons
  • An evening with Judith Seelig, the SEER
  • How to Get Your Book Published: everything you need to know
  • An Evening with Christa Mackinnon: the power of altered states of consciousness
  • How to Listen Better
  • Create Your Future Story
  • An Evening with Dina Glouberman
  • Self-Care in Stressful Times
  • Understanding Homelessness in an Age of Plenty
  • Sex, Love & Laughter
  • Overcoming Overload in an Age of Anxiety
  • What does it mean to belong?
  • Are we United?
  • Living and Working with Uncertainty
  • Be the Change You want to See in the World
  • What is Truth?

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