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Our discussion group in Geneva, Switzerland, is led by Debbie King and is predominantly in English. People of any nationality are welcome if they can comfortably join in the conversation.

Visit our Meet Up page or Facebook page to find out about events and to message Debbie, or email her on consciouscafegeneva@gmail.com for further information.

Meetings are currently held at:

Café de la Place, 5 Place de Montbrillant, 1201 Geneva.

ConsciousCafe Geneva est en anglais, mais si votre niveau d’anglais est assez bon pour participer aux conversations, ConsciousCafe Geneva vous accueille, alors venez nombreux!


Sunday 8th September: 2:15pm - 6:00pm

A Conscious Guided Tour

We’re trying something different! ConsciousCafe Geneva is delighted to announce a completely new, fun experience, created just for us. We have joined up with Geneva Guide, Debra Kinson, to hold “A Conscious Walk through Geneva” followed by our usual café conversation on the afternoon of Sunday 8th September. Debra holds a Diploma in Culture and Tourism from the University of Geneva and is a member of the Geneva Guide Association and Swiss Tourist Guide Association. She has kindly designed a unique, bespoke tour for us to learn about some of Geneva’s ‘conscious’ history. Do sign up for this event, it should be interesting, stimulating and hopefully very enjoyable. We are thrilled that Debra has offered ConsciousCafe Geneva this highly original tour.

The details are :

Ø Meeting time and place: from 14.15H at the Île de Rousseau, Geneva, the little island off Pont des Bergues. We will be holding up a sign. Here is a map.

Ø 14.30H: The start of our Conscious Guided Tour. The tour lasts one hour or so and, depending on our punctuality and meandering, will finish sometime between 15.30H and 16H at the Café du Parc des Bastions which is by the Place Neuve entrance to the park. There we can have drinks and discussion on the themes and personal reflections that the walk will have brought to light. Latecomers are welcome to meet up with us there for a drink, conversation and company.

Ø Practical information: The walk will be gentle. If hot bring water, maybe a hat, and of course wear comfortable shoes. If it’s wet we go ahead, so bring your umbrella!

Ø Cost: For this event we will charge 10chf (to donate to Debra and to ConciousCafe.org).

Ø RSVP: Please sign up before the event so that we know rough numbers for the café. Thank you.

Go on! Let yourself be led on a conscious discovery of Geneva. You may see and understand it like never before.


  • ConsciousCafe in the Park
  • Consciousness in The Workplace
  • What Is Reality and Our Power to Create It?
  • Celebrating the International Day of Happiness
  • The Power of Wabi Sabi
  • 2019 and Beyond: how can I be my best self?
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • What Gift Can I Give to the World?
  • Identity, Nationality and Nationalism
  • Our Relationship with Time
  • Wisdom
  • Conscious Living through Sophrology
  • 2030 and beyond
  • What is the Meaning of Life?
  • What can we learn from nature at Autumn time?

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