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After a break Anne Jones is starting up a new ConsciousCafe group in Burley, New Forest, Hampshire. As always, she will be offering a range of interesting activities and experiences and there will be good opportunities to meet new like-minded conscious friends.

To be on Anne’s mailing list and to find out more about the group please contact Anne:

Meetings are held at:
The Myrtle Hall
BH24 4EG


Tuesday 12th September 2023

Discussion: Cutting Cords. How we are affected by the cords that bind us to people, situations and places in our past. How can we release ourselves from the compulsion to relive the hurt, rejection and harm and also the yearning for lost love? How these cords limit us in our current situations and relationships. We will have time to release old emotions and cut the cords in this evening session.

Tuesday 24th October 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Discussion: Communicating with our lost loved ones. Our greatest pain comes when a loved one dies but we can get great comfort and love from them even when they have passed. Can we be open to communicating with those that have passed over? What experiences can we share to prove the continuity of life after death. How we can take the trauma of losing someone by holding our loving connections. Do we feel guilt when a loved one dies?

Thursday 26th October 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Anne Jones and Jackie White will be hosting a special “extra” Conscious Cafe evening at the Myrtle Hall, Burley.

Debs Atkinson will be there to teach us all about a wonderful treatment – Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT). This amazing therapy was developed in 2001 initially to help those with allergies and intolerances. As time has gone on it has also shown to be very helpful with many other physical and emotional issues.

After a talk Debs will then be demonstrating CKT by offering the chance for some of you to experience a treatment for yourselves.

Debs will also be teaching you how to check others for allergies and intolerances to certain foods and other substances.

As well as a chance to ask questions, you will also have the opportunity to volunteer yourself for a treatment and to find out more about learning CKT for yourself, enabling you to treat clients for a wide range of allergies along with physical and emotional imbalances.

We are really looking forward to this interesting and interactive evening with Debs. Please book a place so we have an idea of how much tea and cake to make.
Doors open 6.30pm

Talk & Demonstration 7-9.30pm
Entry £6 per person on the door – includes tea and yummy cake.

Book Your Ticket Here

Tuesday 21st November 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Discussion: Sharing our life lessons. Given we are here to grow and expand consciousness, what can we do to make our life lesson experiences less painful? Looking back did you realise your life lesson early enough – could you have seen the challenge coming? What have been the most valuable lessons you have learnt?

Tuesday 12th December 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Discussion: Christmas Social Event. We will share food, socialise, have good conversation and have fun!

Doors open at 6.30 and we start at 7 pm and the evening ends at 9.30. Donations at the door of £6 include tea or coffee and cake (vegan and otherwise!) If you have any special drink requirements, please bring your own. Please book by emailing me: annejones88@gmail.com.


  • Discussion: Have the members of your family been your greatest challenge and what life lessons have they taught you? How do you continue to keep your heart open but not get hurt?
  • Discussion: Have the traumatic events in your life left you with limitations and scars? What strengths have come from these challenges? How can you heal the scars and move on?
  • Discussion: Do your drivers prevent you from being happy? E.g. Being perfect, pleasing people, ambition. What can you do to release yourself from the must do, ought to do and should do syndrome? Can pleasing yourself be the answer?

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