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SOULSCAPING - The Art Of Aligning With Soul (for 2022 and Beyond!)

21 November @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

SOULSCAPING - The Art Of Aligning With Soul
Join Artist Louis Parsons to explore how you can use the power of SoulScaping to access Soul wisdom inside you.

SoulScaping is the art of using your imagination and your creativity to discover who you really are.

In this session led by artist Louis Parsons, we’ll explore how you can use the power of SoulScaping to access Soul wisdom inside you and help uncover what your deep theme will be for 2022.

This session involves you creating a piece of art inspired by a time when you felt true inner wisdom (past, present or future).

You don't need an artistic bone in your body to do it (we promise!)

You just need the ability to worry. I know that sounds strange, but worry is creativity. If you are good at worrying you will love this.

Over 3,000 people have created Soulscapes. From orphans in Zambia through to 230 people at Microsoft. Louis has been doing this through the lens of a leadership development workshop with companies for over 15 years. There are tons of benefits from doing this as a group practise including:

  • Developing the power of your attention
  • Realising the power of your Imagination
  • Freeing up the power of your creativity
  • Connecting authentically with others

You can get a list of all you need for the event here:

About Louis Parsons

Louis ParsonsLouis brings together a unique blend of skills by understanding personality, intuitive listening, and talented artistry. This culminates in a wonderful, personal and beautiful work of art.

His work is part of Relational Art, a concept that came out of the Young British Art movement, led by Damien Hurst and Tracey Emin, and characterised by its desire to express a sense of emotional freedom. Louis has also been deeply inspired by Mark Rothko, particularly his sublime use of colour, by J.M.W. Turner, whose impressionistic style was ahead of its time, and by Rodin, who created such fantastic figures.

He passionately believes there is an emerging art movement, which he terms “The Soul Renaissance”. Through his talks, workshops and art Parsons unlocks our ability to see the unique symphony of light that resides inside all of us. He brings simplicity and clarity to empower his audience to find greater energy in their lives.

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