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How has the COVID-19 Pandemic shifted your personal values and priorities?

20 October 2020 @ 11:00 am

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Who Am I Now?

Join us for a wonderful opportunity for you to examine your personal transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In spring 2020, a few weeks later after the WHO announcement, Phil Clothier led the team at Barrett Values Centre in a global values assessment to measure and explore the shift that was taking place in personal consciousness and organisational culture.

Transformations that typically take between 5 and 7 years had emerged in less than 6 weeks. What happened to the individuals and leaders within these organisations to bring about this rapid shift in values?

During the session Phil will ask you to reflect on, and share, your own personal values and how they have informed your response and priorities during lockdown and the choices you make for your future.

In order for you to get the most out of this session, please take the Values Assessment. It takes 5 minutes, it’s free and you can bring the results with you.

About Phil Clothier

Phil ClothierPhil Clothier: is a team member (and former CEO) of Barrett Values Centre (BVC), an international organisation currently working through a consulting network in over 100 countries. He works with leaders to bring about values based, ethical and sustainable transformation. Prior to BVC Phil had careers in social housing and information technology.

He has worked with corporations, governments and NGOs around the world and been an advisor on National Values Assessments in over 25 countries. In Latvia, Sweden and Iceland the results of the values assessments have been instrumental in reorienting public policies.

His main focus now is inspiring and supporting leadership development and cultural transformation in service of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He believes that the main purpose of business (and all organisations) is to do no harm, alleviate suffering and facilitate healing and thriving. He believes the UN SDGs are the best chance we have to come together to create well-being and peace for all and to live in harmony with nature.

Phil says, “My core values are Compassion, Trust, Humour/Fun & Love. I also know that my personal job is very simply to focus on inner peace. (Easier said than done!). I am married to Catherine who also works for Barrett Values Centre, my daughter Emily is a doctor and my son Scott works for a green energy company. I am a mountain biker and love time in nature. I am an active member of the local village community (handy with a shovel and litter picker).”

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