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Welcome to the ConsciousCafe Wellbeing Marketplace - a selection of wellbeing businesses and practitioners personally recommended by members of the ConsciousCafe network to support your mind, body and soul. If you would like to advertise on this page, please fill out this form.

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    I am Yiota, a homeopath in Newbury and I have a clinic at home but I also see people on Skype from England and around the world. My calling in life is to help people become the best possible version of themselves free from suffering and pain. Homeopathy is a gentle, kind, yet very powerful treatment that can help people live a healthy and very fulfilling life.

    Email: giota77.pap@googlemail.com
    Phone: 07429 255742
    Website: www.gaiahomeopathy.co.uk

    Emma Loveheart is a Home Healer. She makes homes calmer, happier and healthier by removing unwanted negative energies. These energies are all around us draining our homes of their full potential and us of our energy, and sometimes causing havoc in the home. She works remotely offering free assessments via her website.

    Email: Emma@homehealer.co.uk
    Website: www.homehealer.co.uk

    Nadia Menichetti is a sound healer. She prepares the body/mind structure to accommodate the higher frequencies that are coming onto earth with sound and the language of light, accelerating the expansion of consciousness and talents and gifts. She also uses the Soul Purpose System to decode your life’s path with your name through the Hebrew alphabet.

    Email: qaholistics@gmail.com
    Phone: 39 3771889346
    Website: www.risveglioquantico.com

    Anne Jones is a healer and author of 8 books offering Skype healing sessions to release imprints from past trauma, heal heartbreak, clear blocks, connect you to your higher self and heal past life issues that may prevent you from maximising your potential.

    Email: annejones@annejones.org
    Website: www.annejones.org

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