'From the Heart' Donation

Minimum Price: £5.00



Thank you for your donation.

If you wish to offer a 'Donation from the heart' to help support the work that ConsciousCafe does, please fill out any amount - minimum donation is £5.

We are a Not-For-Profit organisation and all the money we receive goes towards our administrative costs.  These include planning and organising 15 – 20 events in London every year, updating our website and social media, developing our fast-growing local groups and raising our visibility so that more people want to come to ConsciousCafe and take part in the conversation.  When people come together with love in their hearts, good things happen – we want to bring people together so we can make a positive difference in this world.

We would like to thank the large numbers of ConsciousCafe Supporters who give so much of their time and energy for free.

ConsciousCafe is a not-for-profit organisation, a friendly and welcoming community, a place to live life consciously.