Your One Wild and Precious Life.

Published: October 16, 2018
Author: ConsciousCafe

What Will You do with Your One Wild and Precious Life?*

All of us are creative. At every moment we are creating the lives we want to live, the space we inhabit, the way we accomplish our work, how we relate to others. 

These are some of the conclusions reached at our wonderful discussion on the topic of creativity at ConsciousCafe London this week.  It was very special because when we came together and shared our thoughts we were able to access a deeper than usual part of ourselves and share it with others in what turned out to be a very rich and inspiring conscious dialogue.


For some people their passion for creativity is enjoyment of the actual process of creating, whether they do it collaboratively or alone.  Some of us need people to witness our creativity for it to exist.  Others are happy simply to create for their own pleasure.  We may create material objects - art, sculpture, batik, rune stones – for the sheer joy of the experience and for others to enjoy.  Or we might write our journals for our pleasure alone. Some people create conceptually - planning lessons, growing businesses, developing relationships. Not all creativity results in anything tangible.


All kinds of things may block our creativity – time for ourselves, space in which to create, willpower, responsibilities. Yet everything we do is an act of creativity – whether we think we are channelling our inspiration and ideas from some higher source or simply using the talents and skills that we were born with.

Our conversation seemed to leave all of us on a high. We had probed so deeply and shared from our hearts. The event had turned out to be one of the most exciting of ConsciousCafe conversations (and there have been hundreds of very good ones).

Thank you everyone for taking part. See you again soon.



*The title of this piece is inspired by a line from the poem One Summer Day by Mary Oliver

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