Local Group: Oundle


Our discussion group in Oundle is led by Rachel Giddens and Karen Brodie.

Keep up to date with upcoming events on MeetUp or contact Rachel via email at rachelgiddens55@gmail.com

Meetings are currently held at:

The Snug Room, The Talbot Hotel, New Street, Oundle PE8 4EA

In our current climate, our meetings have moved online for the foreseeable future.


Thursday 19th March: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

What IS my True Self?

As written by Shakespeare, "To thine own self be True" ~
We hear it said often, that we should live our lives being true to ourselves, but are we actually doing it, and what do we understand our version of this to be?
Do we sometimes lie to ourselves or say 'yes' when the feelings we had inside really wanted to say 'no', and vice versa?
Is our true authentic self our physical self, our higher self (soul energy), or a combination of the two?

With so much being written and spoken about everywhere on tv, digital media and in books of finding our true authentic self, it may lead us to question whether or not we are living the life we truly wanted or expected and how this relates to our own identity.

Even when we think we're being authentic in a minefield of opinions and judgement, it can still take huge amounts of effort to maintain our integrity. Staying true to who we are can be difficult in times of so much distraction. Peer or family pressures are often amongst our most frequent challenges.

In environments that generate so much 'fakery', how do we find ways to centre ourselves and does our true self change as we gain experience?

All are welcome to come and join us for interesting and fun conversations.


  • We Are Energetic Beings
  • Boundaries & Personal Space
  • Forgiveness
  • Cycle of Life
  • Unity & Togetherness
  • Conscious Living in Daily Life
  • Worship, Authority & Power
  • Laughter
  • On Becoming a Person
  • Power of Thought and Intention
  • Soul VS Artificial Intelligence
  • Consciousness, Vibrations and New Dimensions
  • Ying & Yang – Getting the Balance Right for a Healthy Society
  • Life Beyond Earth
  • Our Children – Hope for the Future
  • The Seasons and How They Affect Us
  • Why am I afraid to tell you who I am

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