Local Group: Oundle


Our discussion group in Oundle is led by Charlie Efford.

Keep up to date with upcoming events on MeetUp or contact Charlie via email at charlie.efford@tiscali.co.uk or on 01832 281442 / 07798 620852.

Meetings are currently held at:

The Snug Room, The Talbot Hotel, New Street, Oundle PE8 4EA


Thursday 20th February: 7:00pm - 9:00pm


In the English language, the prefix ‘com’ means ‘together’, or ‘in association’ with.
We are all aware what whole word ‘community’ means, and heading into a fresh new year of possibility, this month’s meet up would be a great place to discuss what community means to us as individuals.

Following on from ‘Energy’ in last month’s meeting, do our own levels of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional energy determine how this affects our need for human contact within our ‘community.’ What do we seek out in community?

Do we need to physically be in the same space with friends and family, neighbours, work colleagues, etc. to feel connected? Do we need community to feel included? Many people feel that this does indeed strengthen and re-inforce connections.

By the time we come together on the 20th, the dreaded ‘B’ word deadline will have passed on the 31st January! Did being part of one big European community before Brexit mean that we can no longer be part of international communities that will continue to connect?

Feel free to come and join us in a like-minded, respectful discussion space!

Thursday 20th February 2020. Cost is £5 on the door to cover tea, coffee and cakes.
For those new to Oundle, there is a car park behind the hotel in Drumming Well Lane


  • We Are Energetic Beings
  • Boundaries & Personal Space
  • Forgiveness
  • Cycle of Life
  • Unity & Togetherness
  • Conscious Living in Daily Life
  • Worship, Authority & Power
  • Laughter
  • On Becoming a Person
  • Power of Thought and Intention
  • Soul VS Artificial Intelligence
  • Consciousness, Vibrations and New Dimensions
  • Ying & Yang – Getting the Balance Right for a Healthy Society
  • Life Beyond Earth
  • Our Children – Hope for the Future
  • The Seasons and How They Affect Us
  • Why am I afraid to tell you who I am

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