Local Group: New Forest


Our discussion group in New Forest is led by Anne Jones.

To keep up to date with meetings and to register your interest in an event, contact Anne on 07899 890809 or annejones88@gmail.com

Meetings are usually held at:

Myrtle Hall, Burley BH24 4EG

In our current climate, our meetings have moved online for the foreseeable future.


Monday 12th April 7:30PM BST

Conscious Café with Sashi Radley

Sashi RidleySashi Radley will be our Conscious Café guest in April. In this online Zoom session she will be talking with us on the subject of the therapeutic benefits of channelling 'Spiritual' knowledge through writing.

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Saturday 1st May 2021  10:00 AM UK time 

Choosing Abundance

Choosing Abundance

Are you worried about your financial future? Do you struggle to make enough and more?

(A recording will be sent whether you attend live or not.)

  • Learn to surrender and allow abundance to flow into your life.
  • Experience releasing struggle so YOU can live abundantly starting NOW – cut the cords to struggle and set yourself free to attract what you need.
  • Understand the underlying reason why you struggle with finances.
  • Clear vows of poverty you made in your past.
  • Clear your lineage of poverty consciousness.
  • Release your fears with a powerful Healing meditation.
  • The 10 steps to manifesting Abundance and Independent Security.

Tickets: £15

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  • Sound Healing with a Gong Experience
  • Understanding the Magic of Feng Shui for your Personal Growth
  • The Emotion Code
  • Ancient Symbols
  • The Wounded Feminine
  • Are we all naturally psychic?
  • Why Bad Things Are Happening in Our World
  • Ho’oponopono talk with Jackie White
  • Shamanic Healing & Practice
  • Ascension
  • Manifesting VS Destiny
  • The Heart Spheres
  • An Introduction to Pelvic Power by TillyLou James
  • Coping with Adversity
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  • Discussion on Autism
  • Step into the Power of Colour
  • Positive Ageing
  • Are we United?

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