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ConsciousCafe Edinburgh and Perth led by Violet Dalton. Events are in person and on-line and include meditation, walks and discussions.

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Sunday 1st October 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Quantum Jumping - Part 2

Quantum Jumping was invented by Burt Goldman who was inspired by the quote,’ If a Universe can be imagined, it exists’.
People who practice quantum jumping claim to accelerate their learning and receive guidance on any number of subjects by jumping into a version of themselves that exists in a parallel universe. Whether or not you believe in the existence of parallel universes, the imagination is a wonderful thing and by using visualisation and meditation we will aim to tap into the unconscious mind to jump into another version of ourselves.

We will also look at Napoleon Hill's Invisible Counsellor's technique, where we call in people we want to receive insight from. I’ve been using this and I’m finding it’s a great way to get answers and insights to issues I am dealing with. Whether or not I am channelling experts doesn’t really matter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK8Aeet4VYE

Last time we had a fabulous meditation under a tree in the Botanic Gardens. I doubt if the weather will be kind to us in October so have booked a room in the Lifecare Centre in Stockbridge. There is a charge for the hire of the room so it would be really helpful if you could donate approximately £5 to cover this.

Most definitely at the science fiction end of quantum jumping are films like Everything, Everywhere all at Once and the Matrix. Happy to discuss these too.

No need to have attended the first event as we will be going over the basics again. If you want to do some background research, there’s lots of YouTube videos on Quantum Jumping and Burt Goldman’s book. I also found a PDF of it on line.

ConsciousCafe is about bringing people together to create deep and profound connections through conversation and learning. Our aim is raise consciousness one conversation at a time. Then this is an opportunity to meet with likeminded people, have conscious conversations, and share ideas – even, and especially, if the topics are completely new to you.

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  • Quantum Jumping Part 1
  • Monday morning meditation on Zoom
  • A year of Good Intentions!
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