Local Group: Bath


Our discussion group in Bath is co-led by Britt Tanya and Jo Hooson.

Click on our Facebook page to keep up to date with meetings, contact Britt at britt@britttanya.com

Currently, our Bath group meets in Batheaston.


Date TBC

Theme TBC

Check back in the new year for an update on our first event of 2020!


  • Why are we here?
  • Ourself and Others: Responding to others more consciously
  • Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels
  • Reality VS Great Expectations
  • Breakdown Breakthrough
  • Unity Consciousness
  • Joy & Abundance
  • Authenticity
  • Emotions: How much of our life is controlled by fear?
  • Being Change
  • Discussion on Security
  • What is 'Belonging'?
  • Collective Consciousness VS Personal Experience
  • Manifesting and Removing Unconscious Block
  • Consciousness in the Work Place

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