Local Group: Rome


Our discussion group in Rome is led by Nadia Menichetti and is in Italian.

To keep up to date with meetings and to register your interest in an event, contact Nadia at ima.puntodiluce@gmail.com

Meetings are currently held online.


Thursday 28th May: 6:30 PM

Do we Create our own Reality or are we victims of Circumstance?

Do we create our own reality or are we victim of the circumstances?
If so what are the basis?
What does taking responsibility for one's own life mean?
If you are interested in the subjects of law of attraction and manifestation this is the meeting for you.
Everyone is welcome.
We will briefly introduce each other, I will introduce the subject then lead a brief meditation and we will break up in groups to discuss it.
We will come back to share and finish with a meditation.

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