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The Secret Life of Clutter: An Online event with Helen Sanderson

17 April @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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“When you understand the psychology of your clutter, it empowers you to make a shift in your mindset and behaviour and to create a beautifully organised, nurturing home.” Helen Sanderson

Our homes have stories to tell. Like our dreams, the spaces we inhabit and the objects within them reflect many aspects of our life story and inner mental landscape. As you become more able to really see your home and your possessions, and to listen to what they are telling you, you will gain some profound insights.

Join author and mindful decluttering expert Helen Sanderson for this intimate, interactive workshop to:
· Learn the keys to making a calm, clear and conscious home.
· Discover how your home can mirror your psyche and why organising is good for the soul.
· Learn about the most common drivers of clutter and how to overcome them.
· Be empowered to create a nurturing and supportive space.

There is a lot more to clutter and the home than the merely practical. The secret to creating a calm and nurturing home is to uncover the story that lies beneath your clutter, and to understand that what is blocking you in your home and your life is often the key to moving forwards. Unlocking some of the meaning your possessions may hold can free you to say goodbye to what you no longer need, while keeping your precious memories intact.

What you need to get the most of this workshop:
· A pen and paper
· Bring to mind an area that is cluttered, or an object/category you struggle to let go of, such as past college paperwork, books, wedding gifts, or old clothes.

About Helen Sanderson

Helen Sanderson MSc, known as The Clutter Therapist, is the author of The Secret Life of Clutter, and The Home Declutter Kit. She is a psychotherapist, professional organiser, and interior designer. Her award-shortlisted book has been described as “a love letter to clarity and a recognition that when we create more physical space, we create mental headspace and momentum in our lives. If you don’t want your possessions to possess you, this is a book you must read.”

Helen has been helping people to understand what causes their clutter, transforming spaces and transforming lives for over 15 years. An expert in the psychology of clutter, Helen is convinced that ‘your home speaks your mind’ and therefore works with her clients holistically to uncover what their homes reveal about their psyches and what is blocking them getting into action. Sanderson’s belief is that clutter represents decisions that haven’t been made and actions that haven’t been taken.

With these insights, you can take positive action to create beautifully organised, clutter-free home, live a more conscious, expansive and meaningful life.

Recording included in price.

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17 April
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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