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Dancing With Your Shadow

25 June @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

ConsciousCafe Global Online event.

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A closed 2-hour online workshop with Paula Petry PhD.

Our shadow is the part of our self that we are too afraid to examine. Our shadow impacts everything we do - or don’t do. Once we see it, the dance begins.

Would you like to:

* experience greater awareness of and freedom from hidden patterns that are limiting you?

* create more emotional resiliency

* heal emotional wounds

* receive guidance from powerful spiritual allies

* recover forgotten parts of yourself and

* live a joy-filled life?

If you have a "yes" for any of the above, join us for an evening with Paula Petry, PhD

This event will offer you:

1. A intimate space where all parts of you are welcome, where you can celebrate both the darkness and the gold in hidden places

2. A gentle, experiential, and empowering process allowing you to journey within yourself to explore the root cause of limiting behavior patterns

3. Privacy in your transformational journey – revealing to others only what is comfortable

4. The opportunity to receive assistance from spiritual allies as you release the heavy energies in your field and create space for a new story using the love and light within you and surrounding you.

Please note - this event will not be recorded


Paula Petry PhD

After years in a faculty position at the University of Miami’s medical school, directing an interdisciplinary training program, Paula decided to walk away, give it up. She left feeling there had to be a better way to empower families. Little did she know what awaited her. Still healing from her daughter’s unexpected death, she found herself consulting a medium, with the burning question, “Where do we go when we die?” That was in 2007, she has never looked back.

Her personal healing journey is her medicine, amplified by her deep studies in the Akashic Records, shamanic energy medicine, dream analysis, and sound healing. Her 2020 memoir, A Mother’s Courage to Awaken: Hope and Inspiration from My Daughter’s Journey in the AfterLife. helps others transcend the impossible and live courageous inner lives. Her work is dedicated to helping others experience and understand that we live in an interconnected quantum world, and there is life after life.

Save the Date:

Parenting Between Worlds – Dr. Petry’s Retreat at Broughton Sanctuary, in the Yorkshire Dales, UK. November 22nd – 25th, 2024. For general information about Broughton Sanctuary: Retreat details will be posted in April. Sign up for Paula’s emails to receive the information into your inbox


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