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Caring for the Soul in Times of Upheaval

2 July @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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In a world rife with turbulence, war, and upheaval, the need for inner peace and personal transformation has never been more urgent. Join us for an enlightening evening with Sister Jayanti, a renowned spiritual teacher and leader, as she guides us on a journey of caring for the soul during these challenging times.

This unique opportunity will allow you to learn from a wise teacher and understand the spark of light within us—the core of our being, which is non-physical. Sister Jayanti will delve into the qualities of the soul, what happens when we lose connection with it, and how meditation can play a crucial role in reconnecting us to our true selves.

You will learn

  • Understanding the essence and qualities of the soul
  • The impact of losing connection with the soul and how to restore it
  • Practical ways to incorporate meditation into a busy daily routine
  • The power of thoughts and how to harness them
  • How meditation involves concentrating thoughts and enhancing their quality
  • Deepening your connection with your inner voice and original self
  • Differentiating between the energy of the soul and the mind
  • Techniques to pause, come off autopilot, and awaken the inner self
  • Exploring the soul’s home beyond the physical dimension
  • Finding the power within to overcome patterns and addictive behaviors

The Power of Collective Transformation

Sister Jayanti will also discuss how our collective inner work can lead to global transformation. By connecting with others on the path of inner change, we can amplify our collective power and influence the world towards peace and harmony.

There will be an opportunity during the event for Q and A.

Event held on 2 July 2024 ,19:00-20:30

A recording of the event will be sent to everyone who has registered.

About Sister Jayanti

Sister Jayanti Kirpalani, the Additional Administrative Head of The Brahma Kumaris, brings a profound blend of Eastern wisdom and Western education to her teachings. Her spiritual knowledge, inner peace, and love have inspired millions worldwide to empower themselves and transform their lives. With over 50 years of experience in spiritual teaching, she has dedicated her life to self-transformation and service to humanity.

Sister Jayanti is an excellent speaker on spirituality, known for her deep compassion and tireless dedication. Her peaceful nature and calming voice have made her an instrumental figure in transforming lives through spiritual wisdom and connection to God. As an emissary for peace at the UN for the past 45 years, she has also been a leading voice on the spiritual perspectives of the environmental crisis.

Join us to experience her profound insights and practical guidance on living a spiritually enriched life.

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2 July
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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