Discover Your True Relationship with Yourself

Published: April 26, 2016
Author: ConsciousCafe

Mark Ballabon presented unique and thought-provoking ideas  at our ConsciousCafe event this week, Discover Your True Relationship with Yourself.

Mark has immersed himself in all aspects of self-development over many years and approaches life from the vantage point of a mystic. He left us all with 7 tips for leading a more conscious life. Here they are, as understood by myself:

1 Consider the effect on your body of everything you take into yourself:  food, drinks, drugs, alcohol.  This is not to suggest that you should not enjoy yourself.

But be aware of what you put into your body. Why would you not try to give yourself the best of what is available if you are able to? 

2.  Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy doing exercise?  Find movements that you love doing.  There are so many different kinds of physical activities to choose from.

3.  Check out your breathing and your posture and be aware how it affects you. Observe both regularly and consider how these affect your psyche as you go through your day. 

4.  Be careful how you talk to yourself and don’t judge yourself.  You would not talk to other people like that and you would not want people to judge you as harshly as you judge yourself.

5.  Learn to walk in the two worlds we inhabit, the seen and the unseen.

6.  Experiment with a closing procedure to the day before you go to bed. Appreciate the good things that you have received every day.

7.  Do the same when you wake up.  Appreciate the good things in your life as you wake and carry that appreciation of your life throughout the day

 Mark Ballabon evening



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