An Opening into a New World

Published: September 13, 2019
Author: ConsciousCafe

I do love the wonderful wide range of speakers, presenters and facilitators that we have at ConsciousCafe. It is always exciting to be presented with new ideas and unexpected ways of seeing the world.

Liz Rivers talking us through the Cycles of Life

Last night at ConsciousCafe in London Liz Rivers, an experienced mediator and personal development coach, opened up new ways of thinking about the seasons at a much deeper level than I could possibly have imagined beforehand.  Liz reminded us of the unconscious power that the seasons of the year have to impact on our lives.  When we are so busy and distracted that we lose touch and sense of where we are in the week, month or year, then we become distracted from nature and from life itself. Awareness of the seasons gives us a sense of rhythm and connection to something much greater than ourselves.

Some aspects of our lives are fixed and reliable – day and night, moon and sun, the days in the year.  Other aspects of the year are more flexible, flowing, inducing different kinds of feelings in us as we move from one part of the year to the next.

The individual season we are experiencing affects every area of our life.  Business might want us to be in Spring and Summer all the time – feeling creative and with renewed energy and hope in our steps – but Autumn is a time for harvesting the experience of the past few months and Winter enables us to lie dormant for a while, to rest and regain our energy for the coming year.

We also reflected that climate change is playing havoc with the seasons. When flowers bloom too early and rain, sun, wind and snow affect us in unexpected months, it is no wonder that it becomes harder to find our balance and feel centred in these times. 

Liz gave us the chance to write and reflect on what the seasons mean to us and we shared some of our insights.

I woke up this morning and looked at the beautiful trees outside my window as if with new eyes. Something unexpected had shifted in me. I shall be much more conscious of how the seasons affect me now and I feel confident that I will achieve greater peace of mind.

Thank you Liz for a very special evening and for opening all our minds to unexpected new worlds.



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