A Brief Exploration of Spirituality

Published: March 12, 2020
Author: ConsciousCafe

ConsciousCafe London enjoyed a lively interactive evening event presented by Jan Cisek on the topic of Spiritual Intelligence. 

Jan has over thirty years experience in exploring spirituality and wellness and he has a wide range of skills and talents being also an environmental psychologist and an expert in design and branding and feng shui.  His material was therefore both practical and reflective and he soon had each one of us exploring our own connections to the wonder and energy of life and to what gives us inner peace.

The group shared ideas and thoughts of the deep connections we create and the moments in our lives that give us joy. Being in nature, in woods, or by the sea, enjoying beauty, playing with children, being in the moment – all of these can bring us deep awareness of the beauty of life.  Jan believes that spirituality and wellness is deeply interwoven and he then gave us much valuable information about achieving good sleep patterns, and avoiding pollution.  We also had the experience of enjoying a profound and relaxing meditation where we had the opportunity to access a state of pure consciousness.

Jan offers a unique Spiritual Health programme and generously gave everyone a printed workbook to take home.  During his very brief talk we had the chance to explore so much rich material.  We all left feeling, at the same time, both content and inspired.

If you were unable to come to the event and are interested to find out more about Jan and his work you can download the material from the workbook from Jan’s website www.jancisek.com 

Judy Piatkus ConsciousCafe Founder and London Leader


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