ConsciousCafe's 5th Birthday Party

Published: July 19, 2016
Author: ConsciousCafe

5th birthday small groupConsciousCafe celebrated its 5th birthday at the beginning of July with a lively party for 50 people. 6 of them had been at the original ConsciousCafe group launch in 2011. 

Kenny and Judy jointly compered and introduced Viv Garbe who opened the party with a beautifully delivered meditation to bring peace to the world.

We then took 2 minutes to introduce ourselves to someone in the room whom we had never met before to ask the question ‘How did you become spiritual?’ This led to some beautiful stories and sharing moments.

5th birthday KennyIn typical ConsciousCafe style everyone was then offered discussion options.  Choices included ‘Where does Happiness come from?’ or ‘Who are you?’ and for those who felt like something more lighthearted, you could choose a miscellaneous card with a provocative question on it and explore that in groups.  

It was a bright summers evening and light seemed to stream through the windows and fill the room.  We shared another short meditation and a moving closing circle, taking time to celebrate everyone connecting for this lovely anniversary.  The moment was captured with a group photo and we all sang 'Happy Birthday'. 

By then we were all starving and enjoyed supper, more conversation and birthday cake. 

It was truly a special evening, beautifully captured with many excellent photos by Jon, which you can find on our Facebook page, here.

5th birthday group


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