So what exactly is Conscious Leadership

Published: February 12, 2016
Author: ConsciousCafe

Does the word conscious make you switch on or turn off?

Last night I went to an interactive discussion around Conscious Leadership with a group of 30 other people who were invited through ConsciousCafe, a select group run by entrepreneur, motivational speaker and founder of publishing company Piatkus Books, Judy Piatkus.  For some time now, Judy has been keen to explore the group's thoughts, feelings and bias towards the use of the term 'conscious leader'.

What I particularly liked about the evening was that the facilitator Judy had (well) chosen, Charlie Efford, didn’t at any point seek to influence or tell us what he thought conscious leadership actually meant, which to me was a good example of conscious leadership in action. 

Thank you Justine Clement for attending the Conscious Leader workshop and choosing to write about it on your LearnShedLive blog View from the Shed.

Justine is Founder of LearnShedLive. LearnShedLive is a fresh new start up that's passionate about providing a brighter future when it comes to our health and wellbeing. Think of it as 21st century wisdom for busy people.  Helping individuals and organisations feel better both emotionally and physically, they offer online workshops full of practical take-aways in the form of high quality, engaging videos that help you evolve as a person by challenging you and even changing your way of thinking.


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