• ConsciousCafe provides a space for conscious, deep and thoughtful discussion to take place. This can be at an event or a discussion group, online or via social media.
  • We bring people together to inspire deep and profound connections
  • We aim to give you opportunities and experiences, which will leave you energised, positive and full of the possibilities of life.

Conscious personal development workshops and events: 

It doesn’t matter whether you call it personal development, personal growth, self development, self improvement, or consciousness raising, because it’s all about becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and their underlying causes, so that you can respond to events in your life in a positive, conscious way, rather than unconsciously reacting in negative ways.

If you are interested in any aspect of personal growth, have been practising meditation for many years or have recently completed a course in mindfulness and want to explore the world of the unknown further, then ConsciousCafe groups and events will provide an ideal opportunity for you to share ideas in conversation with others who you might not otherwise have the chance to meet. 

Local discussion groups

Our network is expanding as we attract more people to each of our events. Our smaller, local discussion groups are intimate and offer the opportunity to expand your thoughts and give deeper consideration to what you really feel and believe in a safe and caring environment.


Through our website, social media, newsletter and soon, our forum, our aim is to raise global consciousness so that people think more deeply about how we live and what each of us can do to contribute to a better world. Every small, thoughtful and kind action can make a difference. We share ideas, information, insights, holistic speakers, expert views, individual views, new books, new authors, new perspectives.  We explore personal growth, spiritual development, emotions, behaviours, conscious living, yoga, nutrition, self-improvement and any other topics our members wish to discover and understand.


How you Benefit:

  • Laugh and have fun in a relaxed, light-hearted atmosphere, with people who live from the heart
  • Feel energised, uplifted and revitalised after an event or discussion group
  • Learn how to raise your consciousness and awareness to a higher level and improve your emotional well being
  • Connect, learn, explore and grow
  • Meet new conscious friends
  • Engage in authentic connection and dialogues with likeminded people who are learning to live consciously
  • Discover personal development tips and ancient and modern wisdom to improve your life
  • Share your true self with a caring community of thoughtful people
  • Enjoy moments of mindfulness and reflection within a safe and caring environment


Our Values

  • Conscious – deeply aware of self and others
  • Compassionate – warm, caring, welcoming and friendly
  • Accepting – everyone is equal and valued. Non-judgmental approach
  • Committed – engaged and in service to each other
  • Open – open to new ideas and willing to share


ConsciousCafe is a not-for-profit organisation, a friendly and welcoming community, a place to live life consciously.

ConsciousCafe is a not-for-profit organisation, a friendly and welcoming community, a place to live life consciously.