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Become a Supporter of ConsciousCafe and be part of something bigger 

ConsciousCafe is a not-for-profit organisation. Our goal is to to raise global consciousness through conversation and connection. By becoming a supporter you will help us to do two things:

  • Share ConsciousCafe more widely to more people, just like yourself.  We will use your money to reach more people who we believe will enjoy and benefit from ConsciousCafe and in turn will help raise global consciousness with their conversation and connection

  • As a not-for-profit, we have no other income.  Maintaining the website, legal requirements, general admin, stationery and paying our minimal support staff cost money which our Supporters, events and discussion groups, help pay for.

In return you will receive discounts on all our events.

To hear why others have become supporters and what they get back in return, please do watch this short (2min) video - it was filmed at our conference in November 2016 after a day Raising the Vibration of Love - the contentment, joy and peace they show at finding their 'tribe' is tangible!

ConsciousCafe is a not-for-profit organisation, a friendly and welcoming community, a place to live life consciously.